KrogerFeedback – Official Kroger Feedback Survey

We live in a highly competitive world where corporate giants must efficiently cater to the needs of their customers to stay current and grow in this highly cut-throat era. Customer satisfaction should be the mantra of companies in all kinds of fields today because consumers are the most important part of any business. Companies can ensure their customers are satisfied by collecting feedback, offering an excellent customer support program, and conducting surveys.

Companies usually create an online platform where customers can easily log in to provide their feedback regarding the products and services of the store they visited. This platform is a user-friendly space where customers can answer a number of questions and share their honest opinions to help improve the services of a company. In fact, you can even win exciting rewards while doing so. Krogers is one such company that conducts customer surveys. Here is all you need to know about it!

What Is Kroger?

Kroger is a popular retail chain in the United States and one of the largest when it comes to its revenue. The company boasts of more than a thousand fuel centres, departmental stores, supermarkets, pharmacies, jewellery stores, and superstores in more than 34 states of the country. Kroger is a household name in the United States. If you are an American, it is highly likely that you would have visited a Kroger store one time or the other. Countless people in the States meet their shopping needs at Kroger stores on a daily basis.

Established in the 1880s, Kroger has served customers with its mantra of customer satisfaction. It is noteworthy that during the 1970s, Kroger was the first-ever American retail company to design a consumer research program. Its online survey portal shows how willing the company is to maintain its goodwill. This is precisely why they welcome honest feedback from customers to grow.

What Is KrogerFeedback?

Kroger conducts an online customer survey called KrogerFeedback to understand the satisfaction levels of their customers. The company conducts a monthly sweepstake where customers stand the chance to win gift cards worth $5,000 and 300 lucky customers can win gift cards worth $100. Hence, anyone who participates in this survey can win exciting rewards. All you have to do is visit to take the survey.

Here are some of the many benefits of taking the KrogerFeedback survey!

  • Enhances customer satisfaction.
  • Helps in the redressal of grievances.
  • Helps in keeping a check on the behaviour of the staff at various Kroger stores.
  • Helps improve the availability and pricing of products and the quality of their services.
  • Improves the facilities and infrastructure at Kroger outlets.
  • Let the company know about the specific and unique needs of all customers.

The KrogerFeedback survey aims at collecting the honest opinions of customers about the company so that it can improve its products and services. The people who make decisions at Kroger take every single survey into consideration when it comes to enhancing the shopping experience of their customers.

Here are some details that will come in handy while taking the KrogerFeedback survey!

What Would You Need To Take The KrogerFeedback Survey?

You are required to take care of the requirements mentioned below in order to take the survey:

  • You must possess a valid Kroger purchase receipt, not older than a week.
  • Your internet connection must be stable and you must have basic knowledge of how to navigate a system.
  • You must share your honest feedback regarding the experience you had at a Kroger store.
  • You must legally reside in the States.
  • You must know Spanish or English to be able to participate in this survey.
  • You can take the survey anytime according to your convenience as it operates around the clock.

Can You Enter The Monthly SweepStake Without Buying Anything At A Kroger Outlet?

Yes, you can. If you have not made a purchase at a Kroger outlet and still want to enter the monthly sweepstake program, all you need to do is post a card to Krogers. Make sure the post is handwritten and mentions your name, full residential address, and phone number. This will ensure you get the correspondence sent by the company. Hence, you can participate in this program without having to buy something from Kroger. That said, remember that you still need a valid Kroger purchase receipt if you want to take the KrogerFeedback survey at

It is important to note here that the amount you have shopped for or the number of products you have purchased do not influence your chances of winning. You can win only by taking the survey and answering the questions as honestly as possible as it will not only help you but also the company itself.


The KrogerFeedback program is a great way to help the company improve its services. You can effortlessly participate in the survey by visiting their website and following a few easy steps. Moreover, you can also avail yourself of the exciting rewards attached to taking the survey. The questions mentioned in the survey are pretty comprehensive and offer a wide range of topics regarding the products and services of Kroger. Hence, you must be as candid as possible and share your true experience at one of its stores of Kroger while taking this survey. It will not only help you have a better experience at their store in the future but also assist the company in improving its products and services to satisfy its customers.