What Is Kroger?

Kroger is the largest retail chain in America in terms of revenue generation. It was established in 1883 by Bernard Kroger at Cincinnati, Ohio. Kroger is ranked 2nd when it comes to retail establishments and holds rank 17 as the largest company in the United States. Kroger has a footfall of over thousands of people each day. It is the choice of many for their regular shopping needs. Over the years, Kroger has managed to gain exceptional goodwill because of the quality of service and products it provides to its customers. Kroger boasts about having over 3000 stores spread across 35 states in the US with an annual sales revenue of over 121 billion and holding the top rank as the world’s largest retailer.

What is KrogerFeedback?

Kroger is the largest retailer in the world and has to manage many activities. One such activity is to collect data about the quality of the product, efficiency in services, pricing, ambiance, staff behavior, etc. The best way to consolidate these tasks is through a customer satisfaction survey. Kroger and its management have formulated a platform where the customers who visit the Kroger store can enter into a survey with the help of the receipt they receive at the store and provide honest feedback about their visit to the store. The ultimate objective of this survey is to quantify the levels of satisfaction of customers who are loyal to the brand and seek improvement from the company. The survey helps the company know the gaps they need to fill in order to grow consistently and provide better services to their customers.

The KrogerFeedback survey at www.krogerfeedback.com is one of its kind. The survey is well-formed and covers almost every aspect that is needed to determine the satisfaction levels of the customer. Not only this, the company rewards the participants in the form of a Monthly Sweepstakes Program wherein the participant could get a reward in the way of a gift card. Three participants shall win a $5,000 gift card, and 300 lucky participants receive a $100 gift card each or 50 fuel points.

All a customer needs to do to participate in the online survey is to visit www.krogerfeedback.com and follow the steps, starting with entering the date, time, and entry ID mentioned on the slip. Following this, you will be all set to enter the survey and give genuine feedback about your visit to the store and opinions about the company’s products and services.

Final Words

Kroger, since its establishment in 1883, has been of the view that there is always some scope for improvement. He believed that if the quality of products and services is excellent and the staff is courteous to the customers, there is no turning back for the company, and it shall always prosper. Hence, all you need to do is provide an honest opinion.

Visit your nearest Kroger store today and participate in the survey at www.krogerfeedback.com for better services and exciting prizes.